You want to live an intentional life. 

You need a home that supports your values, but the problem is the current system and choices suck. We design and build healthy intentional living spaces that will allow you to live fully.

We understand how it feels when you are trapped by your living situation. It feels like time is slipping away. We’ve been there. Our team has made the leap to live fully, with less. We want to share our experiences and knowledge so you can feel this freedom too.

Committing to an intentional life isn’t for the meek. It requires deciding what’s really important, taking risks, living in the present, not compromising your values and taking action. You deserve to live a healthy happy life.

The good news — You’ve got this! And we know you do. We are here to help with plans that will support you.

What’s at stake? Your life.

Ditch the status quo. 

Quit the reaction cycle.

Build small.

Live fuller.

Let us help you design your lifestyle.


Pre-designed love

• Call to learn about our models
• Together we choose the best fit
• We propose & you accept
• We build
• You live fully!

Custom design love

• Call to chat project scope
• We propose & you accept
• We design together
• We build or you build
• You live fully!

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Pre-designed Love

We’ve got your number.

Our BuiltGreen stock models are ready! (limited customization available)

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Built Green is the green home certification program for environmentally sound design, construction and development practices in Washington cities and communities.

Small designs that support your lifestyle with their PNW vibe, compact yard appeal and cozy healthy interiors. They are ready to be dialed in and built on your site; saving you time & money! Don’t worry, if you are having trouble deciding, we are here to help.

One Step Up

230 sf studio
285 sf garage

One & A Half

210 sf


(two bath option available)
670 sf

Two & a half

440 sf


(Main level accessible)
1025 sf


(Main level accessible)
515 sf


(all accessible)
360 sf

Custom Design LOVE

We admit, even though they are sweet structures, seven models are not a one-fits-all solution. If you aren’t feeling the model love, we will help you custom design your small footprint dream!



Brett Marlo

lives the tiny life in the Great Pacific Northwest and loves it! She has a Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture + Design, is a LEED Accredited Professional with a specialty in Building Construction + Design, and is Living Future Accredited. She is grateful for her talented team that makes creative collaboration possible. Brett is living an intentional life and longs to share this gift with everyone she meets. When not working or hanging with family and friends, she loves mountain biking, hiking, long distance running and paddle sports.

Erik Brotman

strives to make homes more affordable to build and maintain with the use of clean design and healthy materials. He believes that everybody deserves a healthy home, and is eager to help make that happen. He craves redefining the traditional concept of the “American Dream.” When not racking his brain to solve humanity’s issues, he enjoys time with family and friends, playing music, mountain biking, hiking, camping and being outdoors.

Jade Tometich

is a full-on Pacific Northwest native; born to hike, camp, fish and bungee jump. She began her design build adventure with us as an intern hailing from Clover Park Technical College. A journey that paved her way into a full-time position. We are lucky to have her bring her design expertise and fresh perspective to our projects!

Jax and Poppy

These two smiley pups are best friends to each other and our team! When not protecting their peeps, they enjoy walking, sniffing and the occasional swim. Truthfully, they make sure we take breaks and share good times.

Bringing the love to our clients & community

We design with the present and the future in mind.
We design aging-in-place, multifunctional spaces using new and innovative technologies. 
We specify healthy and low-maintenance materials.
We ask where, how and why before we buy; always looking to source regionally manufactured products when possible.
We employ local craftspeople.
We build with care, craft and low impact development techniques.
We believe an abundance of diverse small housing options will create social equity in our communities.
We believe the true value of your home is when you are able to live a quality life and thrive: less cleaning and maintenance, better health, less debt, spending more time doing the things you love and most importantly, the ability to take time to develop relationships with those wonderful people in your life.

Press & Street Cred

Read all about our fearless leader Brett Marlo in the November 2020 issue of Gig Harbor Living Local magazine. See why Brett was selected the finest person of the year in 2020!


Gig Harbor's finest person of the year

Built Green

Brett Marlo’s Member Testimonial with Built Green an organization whose mission is to serve as the driving force for environmentally sound design, construction, and development practices in Washington’s cities and communities.

City of Tacoma

Brett Marlo —  guest speaker at the City of Tacoma’s Affordable Housing Action Strategy conference. The Affordable Housing Action Strategy is an organization wide initiative to address a housing affordability crisis.

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