“We had an exceptional experience with Brett Marlo Designs. Not only has Brett put together a professional team with lots of experience, each member is also personable and easy to work with. At every stage, I felt like my ideas were thoughtfully considered, integrated into the project and then improved upon by Brett’s amazing team. As a result, we have come up with a house plan that is efficient, beautiful and that feels uniquely ours. I am a professional in the construction and development field and have daily interaction with contractors, engineers and design professionals.”

“Every step in this process was completed as agreed, on time, on budget and the end product – better than I could have imagined. Overall, the work was exceptional and detail oriented. I would highly recommend Brett Marlo Designs.” – Jennifer Mills

“We absolutely LOVE our bathroom remodel! Brett listened to our goals and wishes and worked hard to design the perfect bathroom for us and our home. She is a color diva who knows what she is doing. Erik is a perfectionist and skilled craftsman in all aspects of building and woodworking. He knows how to solve the inevitable issues that arise in a remodel. Both are positive, flexible, and knowledgeable. We heartily recommend them to anyone interested in improving their home.” – Jerry and Les

“You have a genuine right to be proud of your vision and talent and please know we all have really appreciated the privilege of having them displayed here. With angles, light, materials and vision you’ve made a really cool impact on our family’s life. And that means a lot. I’m sure your other clients feel as lucky as we do.”

“I was sitting in the outdoor kitchen yesterday with a rare moment to just enjoy the setting and was just plain impressed at the layout, vision and beauty of what you created. I thought you should know that even years later, your achievements continue to shine.” – JP

“We remodeled our home with Brett. She was very intuitive and easily grasped our likes and dislikes. She was very detail oriented. She went through great length to involve us in all decisions. Our new home is spacious, open, and comfortable. We constantly receive complements from our friends. We are very happy with Brett’s work.” – Linda and Lance

“She created our home into a work of art……not your standard remodel. Would definitely hire her again and recommend her to all.” – Sonia Monte

“The summer of 2013 was the time for a project I had put off for several years. Something was going to have to be done about the floors in my condo. The original off-white carpet that covered half of the floors was stained, beyond the help of the carpet shampooer. The pergo-like original floor in the rest of the place was just plain ugly. I wanted a turn-key job, with as little work to be done on my part as possible. And I got it. The job included unbolting huge bookcases from the walls, and re-fastening them when the job was finished; dealing with all the connections for TV, cable, sound systems and lighting; dealing with the inconveniences and hassles of working in a downtown condo with all the concomitant rules and regulations, negotiating with building management about product suitability, and so much more. And did I mention that all the work was done in my absence? My only regret is that I don’t have another project for them to start.” – Sandy

“The best design build team ever. I love my kitchen. Brett and Erik read my needs perfectly and gave me my dream kitchen. From the lighting, to the cabinets, to some built in work to their professionalism and always clean worksite, they delivered. They are experienced, careful, met all deadlines, and were a pleasure to have around. I highly recommend them.”

“I hired Brett Marlo Design Build to design and build a new kitchen in my 20 year old home. Brett came highly recommended, and now I know why. Brett is one of the most talented designers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Brett and her working partner Erik have the ability to size up what I, the client, am looking for and implement a design and plan flawlessly.”

“Brett has great, fresh ideas. They are practical. For example, a hidden cabinet under the island and a sliding door that is a conversation piece. She has the ability to bring light into a dark space with fun and sophisticated designs.”

“Anything that could be repurposed was (my old cabinets, sink, etc.). Brett has a great eye, and a tremendous understanding of what the client wants. I wanted some interesting and slightly unique pieces in my kitchen and Brett followed through with ideas that I never would have thought of, but that I absolutely love.”

“Brett and Erik custom made a desk and shelf unit from repurposed materials. Not only does it look brand new, but it is an instant classic. Beautiful and precisely what I wanted. I was interested in not having all of my cabinets be the same color. So we used some light wood, some dark and designed a beautiful handmade tile backsplash to bring it all together. The use of color and texture was brilliant. My old kitchen was dark and got only morning sun, when there was sun. I love my new lighting.”

“Brett designed lighting that thrills me every time I turn the lights on. There are under cabinet lights that just blend into the cabinets, there are great fun hanging fixtures over the sink, the island and the desk area, but the best of all is a well placed chandelier over a kitchen table.”

“The table itself shows how amazing Brett is. I was having a terrible time deciding on what to put in that space. We tried countless alternatives. Brett worked with me for a long time to find just what we wanted. She never became frustrated with me, and finally had the brilliant idea to have a table made locally. I now have a one of a kind table that is beautiful. It has finished the look that I was hoping for.”

“Brett had the brilliant idea of replacing the old folding pantry doors that were dated and ugly with salvaged doors on sliding hardware that looks like a funky old fashioned set of doors put together with various and interesting antique doorknobs. It blends beautifully with the desk (on the other side of the kitchen). I smile every time it slides it open.”

“Brett took a typical 1990s kitchen and made me my dream kitchen. I could not be happier.”

“Brett and Erik are the cleanest workers that I have every dealt with. My kitchen was completely removed and replaced, and there was no dust in any other part of the house, there were no piles of rubbish. Instead, everything was cleaned and put into place each evening.”

“I have a guest from DC who has not stopped talking about my kitchen since she arrived last night. She thinks you are a genius. She happens to be redoing her kitchen (there was a fire) and asked if you knew anyone in DC. I can’t imagine that you do, but my goodness she loves your work. I figured you should know. We are on the 3rd hour of talking about it.”

“Brett and Erik are also delightful to have around. I work from my home and truly missed them after the work was completed. They are professional, considerate, honest and great people.  Not only does their design bring sunshine into your life, their personalities do too. I highly recommend Brett Marlo Design Build + Brett Marlo Designs.” – Nina

“We are ecstatic that we chose Brett Marlo Designs to help modernize our Northwest style home and develop an integrated plan for our property.”

“Our project included an update to both exterior and interior elements of the existing and the additions of a detached garage with shop and guest loft. It was very important to us that the new additions integrated cohesively with the existing hom, so we went looking for help. We loved Brett’s portfolio and knew she would bring the aesthetic we were looking for. We were glad to find this expertise in a local small business! During the design phase we went through multiple iterations and design concepts and appreciate Brett and Erik’s patience as we went back and forth with changes. The final product is a spectacular and well thought-out design. Thanks for the amazing work Brett and Erik!” – Heather and Anton

“We recently remodeled our kitchen with Brett Marlo Design Build. We were very happy with the professionalism Brett showed and her eye for color and design are great! She is a very talented designer. Erik is a definite asset to the team, and we thoroughly enjoyed working with him as well. We are extremely satisfied with the end result and love our new space. We would highly recommend them.” – Peggy and Steve

“Expectations were greatly exceeded by the design/build talent and expertise of Brett Marlo Design Build. Brett stood above the others interviewed with her business process and design schematics up front. Brett and her project manager, Erik, totally renovated the master bath and kitchen, plus the wet bar, main entry, and front room fireplace areas. The innovative design and construction made a 20-year old home new and stunning.

“Attention to detail and personable communication throughout the process made working with them a pleasure and kept us within our budget. This was a stress free endeavor and four months after completion the beauty and functionality of all the improvements stand as perfectly designed and built.”

“We gave ourselves a great gift when we selected Brett Marlo Design Build!” – Christine and Greg

“I had the pleasure of meeting Brett Marlo on a professional level after she remodeled the home adjacent to a landscape project I had recently completed. I was impressed by her ability to design and build a beautiful space that blended perfectly with what had been created outside in the garden. Her attention to detail and willingness to go outside the box with design made this project amazing.”

“I am currently working with Brett on a remodel of my own home and appreciate her attentiveness to what is important to me and love her creative thoughts on how to make that happen. Her knowledge, experience and love of what she does is obvious in everything she touches. As well as being a consummate professional, she Is a kind and thoughtful person.” – Rita Lillegard, Blue Wall Garden and Entry Design

“We have worked with Brett and Erik for several months on a few different projects – and the end result across all projects is exactly what we were looking for. They are professional, on-time and respectful of our space (never did we come home to a construction mess – they cleaned up every single night). They are fun to be around, friendly and they deliver creative and high quality work. They did what they said they would do – when they said they would do it. They are dependable and they delivered a quality project. “

“What we like about working with Brett and Erik is that they are direct, have a great sense of humor, approachable and professional. We’ve worked with designers in the past that push high-end products – not Brett (unless that’s what you want). She listens to what you are looking for, she is solutions-oriented and provides options that fit within budget (and she’s not afraid to give you her opinion- which I like and value) We really enjoy learning from both Brett and Erik – super talented and a lot of fun to work with!”

“We have worked with several general contractors in our past and BMD is at the top of the list. Besides the quality work they deliver, I also appreciate their genuine interest in getting to know us. We will use them for future projects and would highly recommend BMD for any design or build project you may have.”  – Jeff + Jen

“I had the opportunity to work with Brett while trying to redo my home after a fire. I always thought I would love to design my home but realized there were so many choices and decisions to make that I became overwhelmed. After meeting with Brett and her team and giaving them access to my Pinterest, they pinpointed my tastes and wants perfectly! Every detail was done with my tastes in mind. They never hesitated to do extra research when needed. I love my main level so much that we decided to redo the entire house and included this company in all of our decisions. I highly recommend Brett and her staff! – Liz & Shannon

“We are very happy with our kitchen design from Brett Marlo Designs! Brett made the typically overwhelming decision-making enjoyable, and we feel very confident moving forward.” We gave the design team all the kitchen ideas we have been saving for years and they turned them into a beautiful, functional space. Brett definitely listened to our wants and needs, and came back to us with the perfect amount of options to make us feel involved throughout. We would definitely recommend Brett to friends and family. – John & Meagan

“Brett and Erik are both amazing. Brett has a wonderful sense of design, color and use of space. She quickly understood my ideas, and was able to improve and expand on them. She made our dull apartment lovely. Her expertise is invaluable. Erik has a true balance of perfectionism and realism, and does incredible work. And best yet, they are both a joy to have in your home. I highly recommend this company.” – Debbie MacDonald

“I have utilized Brett and her company on my personal home and a commercial project both with outstanding results. They are a professional group of people with attention to detail and most importantly client service. They are one of the best in the industry.” I have been working with Designers, Architects and Contractors most of my life and have enjoyed and hope to continue to enjoy working with Brett and her team. They are a pleasure to work with and their sense of space is outstanding leading to the best design and function. I highly recommend this company. You will not be disappointed.”  – Barker Creek Consulting


“We would highly recommend Brett Marlo Design Build to anyone looking for incredible quality and creative design at an extremely reasonable cost. Not only did they finish our project with amazing efficiency, they assisted us with a lot of little details and permits that we would have improperly handled. Our new store is beautiful and business is booming thanks to Brett and her amazing team! Looking forward to having her help us give a face lift to our other store down the road and hopefully more projects in the future.”- Mike and Michele, Tickled Pink

“In September of 2014, my partner (Sean Watson) and I signed a design-build contract with Brett Marlo for a small drive thru coffee building located in Purdy, Washington.  At that time, both Sean and I knew many contractors capable of good construction—AND we both knew several architects/designers qualified for conventional designing. We selected Brett Marlo based on 6 criteria as follows:

  1. We wanted our “design” professional to also be our contractor. In our experience, this reduces the opportunities for miscommunication and/or confusion often found where the designer is a different person than the builder.
  2. We wanted a new, innovative design that maximized our identity via our optimal drive by location.
  3. We wanted someone knowledgeable and passionate about our small commercial building and who would be attentive to small space planning and building functions.
  4. Our project required multiple special permits, including conditional use, design review, shorelines, and Department of Transportation permits. We wanted our contractor to have experience to assist in working thru multiple government agencies, as well as a reputation and personality that would complement public agency interactions.
  5. Our time allowed for construction by all agencies plus our own business planning and financing timelines were very tight, with no margin for error.
  6. Our project had to be completed on time and on budget with few to zero change orders.

Brett Marlo met or exceeded all 6 of our criteria requirements.  We would highly recommend her based on her performance in completing our project per our specifications.” – Peninsula Perk LLC

“Having this been the first remodel EVER for me, Brett helped by staying focused and explaining everything to me. Very confident, careful and full of energy! Her and her team worked hard to turn my business into a place to have fun and feel like home! She is very creative in her work and her vision to make everything flow!”– Kirsten and Rich, The Wine Studio of Gig Harbor

“Dear Brett,

I would like to thank and commend both you and Erik for the wonderful job you did building out my new retail space in The Pike Place Market. I chose you from the 3 contractors I interviewed for various reasons.

I was very apprehensive about the entire process because the space was in such bad shape and I had a tight budget. You were easy to talk with because you answered all of my questions in a manner I could understand. You were the only one to suggest less expensive alternatives, such as the windows really don’t need to be painted, the ceiling only needs touch ups, and why not put in a door with a window instead of framing a window in the wall. These three suggestions alone saved me over $5,000.00, and you were correct in your assessments.

I also appreciated your commitment to building green. You reused cabinets and countertops that were left behind by the last tenant instead of buying or building new ones-not only saves the earth but saved me money too! The products you chose are not only healthy, but are exactly what I was looking for. We talked often and I was always informed about my options and your progress. And you listened to me. You finished on time and had all the permits in place so I could move in exactly as planned.

Now that the job is done and we have been ‘living’ here for several months. I could not be happier that I chose you. The space is absolutely beautiful and better than I imagined it on my budget. Your and Erik’s attention to detail is astounding, and you made the entire process so easy for me. Thank you for a job very well done, and please give my name and number to anyone that is looking for a contractor. I will highly recommend you!”

  • With warm regards, Betty Clune, President of Middle Sister Yarns, So Much Yarn, Pike Place Market, Seattle

“Brett Marlo Designs provided an integrated design for the remodeling of the Eddon Boat House residence that will convert the house to a community room and private office space. Brett was professional, courteous, and timely in her interactions and deliverables. I would recommend Brett Marlo Designs for similar architectural services.” – Jeff Langhelm, City of Gig Harbor Public Works Director

“Sophie’s Touch would like to highly recommend a local designer and builder Brett Marlo Design Build. We hired this company to do a store make-over for Sophie’s Touch, a pet boutique store in downtown Gig Harbor.  We were extremely pleased with all aspects of this partnership from the first meeting through the completion.  Their attention to detail, listening to our concerns and needs, providing input and expertise, being personable and inclusive to finalizing the project were all done with professionalism, quality and integrity. We were happy with the entire process and it is so nice to have a local design company to rely on to get a job done and exceed your expectations.

“We loved them and we were so appreciative to be able to work with them. We hope you will give them your consideration!” – Trena + Deloree


“There are builders, contractors and designers on every corner, but none, NONE, have the combination of talent, integrity, ability and experience that Brett Marlo has! This combination of traits make her a designer/builder that you can trust your dreams with. I’ve worked with Brett professionally on several projects and am always impressed with her stellar creative talent. I also appreciate her genuinely warm personality. You will too!” – Kristy Ewing, Ewing Creative

“We collaborated with Brett Marlo Designs on a custom sliding door for one of her projects. Brett wanted to transform a nook into a study room for her customer’s daughters and came to us with the idea of the sliding door. We really enjoyed working with Brett throughout the whole process. She has a great eye for design and is really good at solving design constraints. As you can see from the picture the result of her design was an amazing study space. We look forward to working with her on many projects in the future.” – Real Carriage Door Company

“We are always happy to work with the Brett Marlo Designs team! They are easy and comfortable to work with. We enjoy brainstorming ideas to collaborate and create the perfect end result. We hope to provide more custom woodworking for future projects!” – Outside The Box Woodworking