City of Tacoma + Brett Marlo Design Build BuiltGreen DADU tour

  Central Tacoma BuiltGreen DADU This Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit was awarded a slot in the City of Tacoma’s Urban Infill Pilot Program with its small footprint, healthy and accessible design by Brett Marlo Design Build. We are thrilled to announce that this DADU surpassed WA state energy code (2015) by 43.9% when modeled against […]

affordable tacoma 10 x 10

Come see Brett present at Affordable Tacoma 10 x 10!   Let’s talk affordable, adaptable alternative housing! YES, size does matter. This 10×10 journey begins with pizza, beer and tiny houses on wheels, then moves into specifics on the City of Tacoma Urban Infill Pilot Program, DADUs, BuiltGreen Certification and Cottage Housing. And YES again, […]

Newsletter April 2019

A Thank You note from Brett: It’s been a year. Some really great stuff, and well, some not-so-great stuff. Let’s get the awful aired. Last week someone I greatly respect and adore died, Patti Southard. The news was surprising and crushing. She continually inspired, mentored and gave her energy and knowledge with amazing generosity. She […]

PNW healthy home tour

PNW healthy home tour By Brett Marlo DeSantis         March 2019 What does “being green” really mean these days? Our modern world is loaded with urban words and catchphrases. According to urban dictionary, we must know certain words to even understand the internet, from awesome sauce and beer me to bromance and crunk. […]

Dream to dock

Posted on Feb 19, 2019 in accessible design, community, Gig Harbor

Dream to dock By Brett Marlo DeSantis     February 2019 What better way to reward these active members of our community than through an all accessible non-motorized launching dock? Close to the heart of our downtown, the Ancich Waterfront Park will be the home to a new publically-owned community paddlers dock! While this project is […]

Local changemakers part 2

Local changemakers part 2 By Brett Marlo DeSantis  January 2019 Call them what you’d like: changemakers, system-buckers, truth seekers, or simply those who walk-the-talk. Acccording to William Dayton, founder of Ashoka: The job of the pattern-change social entrepreneur is to recognize whenever a part of society is stuck in an inefficient or harmful pattern, to […]

Local changemakers

Local changemakers part 1 By Brett Marlo DeSantis      December 2018 How do we solve tough challenges? Do we even know where to begin? Sometimes we are so busy dealing with the symptoms or consequences of existing systems, ideas and inventions that we fail to see the true source of our problems as well […]

local library love

Local Library Love By Brett Marlo DeSantis October 2018   Did you know the oldest lending library in America was founded in 1747?   A community just isn’t a community with a library. Libraries promote our quality of life by protecting our public values, assisting in civic engagement and offering knowledge and skills. Nowadays, they […]

two needs, one deed.

Two needs, one deed. By Brett Marlo DeSantis    September 2018 Photos and thank you cards courtesy of PSD In a world where skilled laborers are scarce and affordable housing even more so, we must look for multi-faceted solutions. Luckily, some very passionate people in our community started brainstorming possibilities. How can we fill two […]

parks: the bucket list.

Parks: the bucket list. By Brett Marlo DeSantis     August 2018 Recently the National Park Service turned 100 years old. Thankfully the Pacific Northwest boasts many of these outstanding national parks as well as the local ones we hold close to our heart. First, let’s talk bucket list. The Cascadia Bioregion, bordering the Pacific Ocean, […]