City of Tacoma + Brett Marlo Design Build BuiltGreen DADU tour

  Central Tacoma BuiltGreen DADU This Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit was awarded a slot in the City of Tacoma’s Urban Infill Pilot Program with its small footprint, healthy and accessible design by Brett Marlo Design Build. We are thrilled to announce that this DADU surpassed WA state energy code (2015) by 43.9% when modeled against […]

Local changemakers part 2

Local changemakers part 2 By Brett Marlo DeSantis  January 2019 Call them what you’d like: changemakers, system-buckers, truth seekers, or simply those who walk-the-talk. Acccording to William Dayton, founder of Ashoka: The job of the pattern-change social entrepreneur is to recognize whenever a part of society is stuck in an inefficient or harmful pattern, to […]

Local changemakers

Local changemakers part 1 By Brett Marlo DeSantis      December 2018 How do we solve tough challenges? Do we even know where to begin? Sometimes we are so busy dealing with the symptoms or consequences of existing systems, ideas and inventions that we fail to see the true source of our problems as well […]

two needs, one deed.

Two needs, one deed. By Brett Marlo DeSantis    September 2018 Photos and thank you cards courtesy of PSD In a world where skilled laborers are scarce and affordable housing even more so, we must look for multi-faceted solutions. Luckily, some very passionate people in our community started brainstorming possibilities. How can we fill two […]

beauty + bounty part 2: green roofs

  beauty+bounty part two: green roofs By Brett Marlo DeSantis      March 2018 In part one, urban gardener Sass Ruthven inspired us to consider collective neighborhood farming. Growing local eats helps to solve many of our current issues by increasing our access to affordable, healthy organic food, bringing neighbors and community together, teaching skills […]

beauty + bounty part 1

beauty+bounty: growing local eats By Brett Marlo DeSantis   In 2012, the United Nations reported that 67% of the world’s population will live in a city by 2050. As our population doubles so will the infrastructure in our built environment. Urban Agriculture is a growing movement to provide beautiful solutions to our growing challenges. “Urban […]

electrify your ride

Electrify your ride By Brett Marlo DeSantis January 2018 Chances are that most of you will buy a different car in the next seven years. According to R.L. Polk the average length of time a driver will keep a new vehicle is six years. Even if you are pondering keeping your vehicle longer, you may […]